New Article: My First for One Peter Five

I am currently in the midst of a full teaching load for this semester. I apologize but no new episodes will be appearing until the spring. In the meanwhile, I continue to write articles for Crisis Magazine but also for the first time, for One Peter Five. My article is about ritual and the liturgy, using the Shia LaBeouf interview as a hook. Here’s a quick snippet:

To put it simply, the main problem with the new rite is that it is inauthentic. I am not speaking here of the theological contents of the New Mass, nor even the issue of Latin versus the vernacular, but rather the the way it communicates the faith of the Church in ritual, anthropological terms (though I believe all these concerns are related). This does not mean it is invalid, or heretical or spiritually harmful. It does mean that elements which are essential to the new missal prevent it from effectively communicating the faith of the Church.

Check it out.

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