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Catholic Liberalism, Ep. III: Lamennais & the Origins of Liberalism

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New Article in Crisis Magazine

This time, I take a look at “the Truce of 1968” and whether it is still in force. Please do check it out and the rest of what the magazine has to offer as well. Continue reading New Article in Crisis Magazine

Books on Ukraine

As promised, here is the bibliography from my podcast on the Union of Brest. Because I thought they might be useful to anyone wanting to learn more about Ukraine, I also list some other works related to Ukrainian history since the Union as well. (Note: those works marked with an asterisk are ones I actually … Continue reading Books on Ukraine

Life “Under the Hammer”

This is another essay I couldn’t get published. It has to do with the iconoclastic nature of contemporary society. I hope it gives you some food for thought. Life “Under the Hammer” I first became aware of efforts to remove statues of “problematic” historical figures five years ago, when the city of New Orleans removed … Continue reading Life “Under the Hammer”

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