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New Episode: Much Ado About Integralism, 1872-Present

The Banner of the Carlist Party in 19th century Spain

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Catholicism, Loyalism and the American Revolution

Hello everyone. I am busy preparing for the new semester, which is why there is a delay in the next podcast coming out (which you will like, trust me). In lieu of that, I want to recommend an episode of “Ben Franklin’s World,” a podcast about Early American History. In it, the historian Brad Jones … Continue reading Catholicism, Loyalism and the American Revolution

Stanley Payne on the Spanish Civil War

“The elections of 1933 produced a result almost diametrically opposite to the balloting two years earlier, when the CEDA won a plurality, albeit not a majority, of seats. The number of Socialist deputies declined, while the left Republicans were almost wiped out. The leaders of these last two groups responded with demands that the president … Continue reading Stanley Payne on the Spanish Civil War

Latest in Crisis: On Media & “Ultramontanism”

Hello everyone. Crisis Magazine has graciously published another article of mine, this time on the issue of “ultramontanism.” Please do check out the article. Pax Christi! Continue reading Latest in Crisis: On Media & “Ultramontanism”

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