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New Episode: Much Ado About Integralism, 1872-Present

The Banner of the Carlist Party in 19th century Spain

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New at Crisis: Let’s Kill All the Experts

Apologies to William Shakespeare. Check out the article. Here is an excerpt: Earlier this year, Cardinal Hollerich of Luxembourg claimed that the Church’s teaching on homosexual behavior was “false.” He explained that the Church’s understanding of homosexuality was wrong because the “sociological-scientific foundation of this teaching is no longer correct.” There are many, many things … Continue reading New at Crisis: Let’s Kill All the Experts

New at Crisis: Defending Sam Harris

My latest article has been published by Crisis Magazine. In this article, I give a very qualified defense of his remarks about “heaven” in the video that went viral a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a snippet: I cannot help but think that the pile on of Harris is a bit overdone. It is true … Continue reading New at Crisis: Defending Sam Harris

New Article: My First for One Peter Five

I am currently in the midst of a full teaching load for this semester. I apologize but no new episodes will be appearing until the spring. In the meanwhile, I continue to write articles for Crisis Magazine but also for the first time, for One Peter Five. My article is about ritual and the liturgy, … Continue reading New Article: My First for One Peter Five

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