New at Crisis: Defending Sam Harris

My latest article has been published by Crisis Magazine. In this article, I give a very qualified defense of his remarks about “heaven” in the video that went viral a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a snippet:

I cannot help but think that the pile on of Harris is a bit overdone. It is true that the man is an arrogant prig, and that, given his status as a darling of the liberal establishment and his place in academia, it is unlikely he will ever seek to understand people of faith with an open mind. Academics, given that their status is tied to how well they can project intellectual brilliance to their colleagues, almost never admit they are wrong about anything; their besetting sin is an almost total lack of humility. Therefore, the chances of Sam Harris ever having a road to Damascus moment are very slim. His calumnies against the faith of Christians over the years are evidence that he doesn’t deserve much sympathy in this regard.

And yet, though his answer was risible, I can’t help being sympathetic to his initial question: “Where is Heaven anyway?

Check the rest out here.

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