Update on the Podcast

Hey everyone! Just a few updates on the pod for all the listeners.

First off, the podcast if you are just clicking on this website is free. Pretty much all of the past episodes are available on Spotify or YouTube, though I need to update the YouTube channel.

However, new episodes will be available to patrons of the podcast who sign up on my Patreon account. These episodes will drop first on Patreon and then a month later will be made available through Spotify. Also, I will be recording special episodes and doing interviews going forward which will only be available to patrons. So if you want access to that bonus content, please consider becoming a patron of the podcast. (Fyi, I do NOT make money off the podcast, and any earnings through Patreon go to advertising or other costs associated with the podcast.)

The next new podcast for all listeners (free) will drop in the next week, while I have another bonus episode, as well as an interview coming up for Patrons. Exciting things are happening with Controversies in Church History, and I thank everyone who listens or who had helped me make this happen.

Pax Christi!

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