New Article in Crisis

I have a new article up at Crisis Magazine, on Traditionis Custodes. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

As a convert to the faith, I can recall the awkwardness I felt when, after first entering the Church nearly twenty years ago, I attended a Bible study run by a priest. During the meeting, it gradually became clear he believed the Church should ordain women and would do so eventually. (I never went back to the Bible study.) I had similar experiences with other parishioners over the years, and I felt relief when I realized (all too infrequently) that my interlocutor did, in fact, believe in “that crap.” My point is that, in practice, no real unity of faith exists if you can never be sure, from parish to parish, whether your fellow communicants share the same basic faith as you or not. 

And in this lies the strength of Latin Mass communities. One can reasonably assume that most people in a Latin Mass community are there because they believe the same things—i.e., all the things the Church, in principle, is supposed to believe. As with the liturgy, so it is in matters of faith: when you go to a Latin Mass community, you know what you are going to get, unlike your average parish. This must account for much of their attraction.

As they say, do read it all.

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