Rorate Caeli Article on Traditionis Custodes

The traditionalist website Rorate Caeli has published an anonymous reflection from a priest on Traditionis Custodes entitled “Cancelling Pope Benedict: Reflections on a recent article and the “hermeneutic of rupture,” which I think deserves to be read by everyone concerned not only with the old rite but with Tradition in general. The whole thing is important, but here’s the key graph:

What every orthodox Catholic needs to understand—even if he personally does not prefer to worship according to the old rite—is that in the bloody civil war tearing apart the Church today, the defence of the traditional liturgy is now the battleline in the defence of the Catholic faith itself, since the traditional liturgy is the visible reminder of the “before” time—the visible reminder that the Church did not begin in 1962.

Read it all.

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