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Hello there everyone! My move back home to Florida made me lax in posting my articles published in Crisis, so I thought I would post the last few with a brief synopsis here for everyone. Here goes!

Wokeism is Liberalism is my latest, in which I weigh in on the ideological origins of “wokeness.”

Beethoven & the Supersymmetry of Christ take a look at my favorite piece of non-sacred music, a work by Beethoven, and discusses how it teaches about the love of Christ.

The Magisterium of the iPhone Church takes a look at debates over authority in the Church and argues they are really about the nature of the Church and Revelation.

The Conservative Ghost Dance is an essay on conservative politics in the US, which argues that conservatives can’t look to the past to understand the challenges they face today.

The Revolution is Upon Us was written after the German “Synodal Way” voted for blessing gay unions, and in it I write that the Church may be looking at a very “Anglican” future if they get their way.

Development of Doctrine and its Discontents examines the idea of doctrinal development, arguing that it has become distorted since the days when John Henry Newman first popularized it.

Is the Vatican Resurrecting the Failed “Ruthenian Option” for Traditionalists? Finally, this essay compares the current Vatican efforts to rid the Church of Latin Mass traditionalists to the treatment of Eastern Rite Catholics in nineteenth and twentieth century America (hint: they are both treated very badly and should not have been).

I should have another article coming out in Crisis soon, so be on the lookout for it.

Pax Christi!

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