Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know that in the next month or so I will be putting out a good bit of content. Here’s the rundown:

1. First, a new series will begin in the next week or so. It will not be on the topic I announced last time, that of Latinization, as I have decided to put that on the back burner. (I will do a stand alone episode on that topic sometime in the next few months however.) Instead, the next series will on Catholic Liberalism. Stay tuned for more details.

2. Second, I will be putting out another episode of “Catholic Lives.” This one will deal with a figure who was involved in the Traditionalist movement but whom I neglected to mention in that series. (If you aren’t familiar, “Catholic Lives” deals with the lives of non-Saint Catholics who may or may not have led controversial lives.)

3. As mentioned above, I will be doing a stand alone episode on Latinization, but I will also be posting more on the blog here, both with some essays that didn’t get published but also new content as well.

Be on the lookout for those, and remember you can find earlier episodes on Anchor and other podcast platforms, as well as YouTube. Please help me spread the word, and tell anyone who might be interested about Controversies in Church History.

Pax Christi

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