Eucharistic Incoherence

Amy Welborn is becoming a Trad before our eyes…or maybe not, but she is on a serious roll. Kudos.

Charlotte was Both

It’s a dilemma, isn’t it?

You have to wonder if anyone ever really thought this through.

Let’s look at this.

Let’s consider the concrete, material reality of Catholic life before, say 1965.

What aspects of this life are permissible for the 2021 Catholic to access and incorporate into her practice? What’s permissible to see, sing, listen to, contemplate, learn from, be formed by and pray with? Or, we can even consider – what of pre-1965 Catholic life is permissible for the world to value?

Well, we can look at the art, can’t we? That’s allowed. We can study the paintings, statues, icons and frescoes created by Catholics who worshipped in and were formed by the Catholic Mass before Vatican II. We can consider them in situ, or, of course, we can view them in museums. That’s always nice. Better light. We can write books about them and make educational…

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